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The clinical area of the service pyramid the most complicated to enter. Licensure or certification for professionals is required at all levels of clinical behavioral health treatment. In addition, state and federal regulations and national accreditation standards guide the nature of behavioral health service delivery. Faith-based organizations entering clinical treatment areas of behavioral health are expected to meet all requirements of any clinical practice.

Clinical intervention in behavioral health is often referred to as "treatment". Mental health, substance abuse, and addiction professionals use differing theories, and terms to describe treatment methods. There are also noticeable differences in the way professionals integrate mind, body, and spirit in practice. The severity of problems (mild, moderate or severe) is superimposed over the clinical practices that are use in the treatment environment. Mental health, substance abuse, and addiction treatment each have unique ways to describe these services.

Clinical care can be delivered in environments like:

A specialized type of clinical intervention that faith leaders are often called upon to deliver is crisis intervention service.